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AndroidPIT Android Market Gentle Alarm has a 5 star review on AndroidPIT.

Gentle Alarm™   v3.9.4.4

Wake up more refreshed with this feature-rich alarm clock. In addition to the typical alarm features, Gentle Alarm can consider your sleepcycles to wake you up when you are in light sleep.
  • night display with customizable color, fontsize and brightness; flashlight, application launchers, speaks time
  • automatically switch to flightmode and/or silent mode at night to minimize electromagnetic exposure and prevent disturbances (optional)
  • flip over to snooze, shake to dismiss
  • optionally considers your spleepcycle to wake you at the optimal time (when you are not in deep sleep)
  • captcha on dismiss to make sure you are really awake before quitting the alarm using math or memory problems
  • alarm profiles for easy configuration of how alarms play
  • speech input and output; customizable messages
  • full dock support to use as a bedside clock
  • supports mp3 files, internet radio, ringtones, and vibration-only alarms
  • supports playlists and shuffle (allows you to wake up to a different alarm every day), can create playlists for favorite genre or author
  • very gradually increases volume on a logarithmic scale even for vibrate-only alarms

Sleep Now!   v2.0.6

Fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Use it to power-nap or to fall asleep at night or during travel.
Available modes (create new ones yourself):
  • power nap: sleep for a short duration but wake up beforeyou enter deep sleep
  • travel: wakes you up gently before your destination
  • sleep timer: stops music after a preset time
  • notices when you fall asleep and can thereby optionally wake you up after your optimal length of sleep (great for power naps)
  • fall asleep to white noise or nature sounds
  • freely and quickly programmable to your needs