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AndroidPIT Android Market Gentle Alarm has a 5 star review on AndroidPIT.

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All mobitobi Android Apps are available on the Google Android Market. However, we offer you alternatives in case your region is not covered by the Android Market or if you prefer non-credit card payments.

Use a barcode scanner app and scan this image to see all mobitobi apps on the market. Or click on the image if you open this website on your phone browser.


  • allows payment without credit card in some countries; you can put money in your PayPal account via bank transfer and then use your PayPal balance to pay for apps
  • please note the sections below on updates and license below
  • use the app in the trial version until your are sure you want to make the purchase; we can only give refunds in limited circumstances (you purchased again on the Google Market, etc) and not after 30 days

  • You can download the app even without purchasing. It will work as a trial version.
  • If you don't have a barcode scanner app, open this website on your phone and click on the barcode image to download the application.
  • If you purchase the app, you must unlock the full version by entering your license key (your paypal email address). If you downloaded a trial version via the Google Android market: You can not unlock that version. You must download the version from this website.
  • After purchase it may take up to 24 hours until your license key is recognised by the app. You will receive an email when your license has been activated.
  • If you have any problems, shoot us an email via the form below.
Application Cost
Notice: Within the European Union, 19% sales tax will be added at checkout.
Gentle Alarm™ $2.78
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Sleep Now! $1.37
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Gentle Alarm™ + Sleep Now! $3.99
Use the barcodes above to download both apps.
Mobitobi's software is priced very low and you get an incredible value. If you can pay more, a donation is really appreciated.

Payment by Mail

  • we offer this option only in the U.S. and in Germany
  • absolutely no obligation until payment has been made
  • upon filling out the form below, we will send you an email with further instructions including the address to send payment to
  • please note the section on updates and license below

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Updates and License of .apk Apps

The app will notify you if an update is available and you can download and install the update directly from within the app.

You need to unlock the app with you email address. Each email address can be used by several phones but not at the same time. This allows you to take your apps with you if you buy a new phone.

All of our software is free to try and very cheap to buy. We feel this is a better solution than to deny alternative distribution outside of the Android Market.

We do not save your email address or payment info on our servers. Only Paypal receives your payment info.